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EC: Securing support for GPP actions in Romania

Catalin Cornea, Green Public Procurement expert

Catalin Cornea, Green Public Procurement expert

GPP news alert (European Commission), Issue no. 13, June-July 2011.

Interview with Catalin Cornea, GPP National Expert, Ministry of Environment and Forests (Romania)

How would you describe the level of awareness of GPP among Romanian public entities?

The Ministry of Environment and Forests and other relevant institutions have regularly organized awareness raising events both at national and regional level so that most of the contracting authorities are aware of the advantages of GPP.This awareness, however, exists among experts and needs to be developed and transmitted to the level of decision makers.

What are some of the opportunities that exist which could help increase GPP actions (among local, regional or national authorities)?

Due to the training for trainers provided on GPP during the last two years, there is a significant pool of people experienced in disseminating GPP tools, methods and good practice that could help to boost GPP in the near future. We have also reported an increase in the number of contracting authorities using environmental characteristics in their tendering activities, especially in “easier” areas like paper products and cleaning services (through the use of ecolabeled products and environmental management systems).

However, we still lack a monitoring scheme which could give us an accurate picture of the status of GPP at a particular moment. Monitoring is one of the spheres we need to develop.

What type of national government support actions are planned for the future?

Contracting authorities have signaled that there are difficulties in using a life-cycle costing approach because their budgets have a one year time span. In this regard a system of support for GPP performance could be implemented so that the institutions that use environmental characteristics know that their work is appreciated and taken into account.

At the same time, the Ministry of Environment and Forests needs to help to increase GPP actions by facilitating networking of good practice experiences. A network of public procurers for the central public administration has been started, focusing on GPP actions. The activities of this network and other similar regional initiatives could provide a good opportunity for furthering GPP achievements.



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